So, Whats Up With Your Hair?

Originally published by LA Canvas



So, what’s up with your hair?


For the past year and a half, we have collectively given our hair a beating. If we didn’t bleach it out to white we were dip dying, ombre-ing it to death or changing out pastels quicker than a cotton candy dispenser. And guess what? It now feels like cotton candy. Too bad it doesn’t taste like it.


We need help- fast!


We could start fresh. Get our pixie cut on stronger than 1992. But, then we will bleach it to white and put left over Easter egg dye on it. (Yes, “we” do do that.) And the cycle begins again.


Why don’t we just stop? Take a minute, and condition. Not with unrealistic goals of instant bouncy shiny locks. That never happens. Lets have realistic goals of not seeing clumps fall out in the shower.


I recently made a discovery that saved my post ombre haystack. I put a bit of Kerastace oil in my dry hair then, ran a flat iron over it. Again, hair was dry. Never use hot tools on even remotely damp hair.


When we color or bleach hair we are opening up the cuticle to release keratin and pigment. If we do it enough times we have permanent holes in the cuticle. So, by sealing it with an oil, it refills those holes. This creates a smooth cuticle and shine.


There are several great oils we all probably already own. My favorite is Elixir Ultime from Kerastace. Another great choice is Morrocanoil for coarser heavier hair. If you have fine, delicate hair I recommend Moroccan Argan Oil Serum By Amica. It is the lightest of the oils I have tried and wont weigh it down.

What you shampoo and condition with in the shower is important too. Look for conditioners with fewer or no sulfates.


Right now I am addicted- ADDICTED I tell you to Kevin Murphy products. They are 100% sulfate and paraben free.


You can choose from a plethora of cures for dry breaking hair. My faves are Born.Again.Masque and, Angel.Rinse


Both conditioners leave my hair ultra silky and I am starting to get my bouncy shiny locks back. And, since Kevin.Murphy products come in super sleek pastel bottles and smell like yummy fruity flower scents, I feel like I practically have cotton candy hair anyway.


I have also decided to forgo any hair ties. It is so difficult but elastic hair ties (even the covered ones) put strain on already fragile hair which leads to breakage. Instead, try a softer approach like cute scarves or coated bobby pins (not the rusty ones sitting on your sink). Within a week or two, you will notice a lot less breakage.


So I (we) have a new goal. Long bouncy locks of fruity smelling sunshine just in time for summer!