Flawless Skin

Originally published by LA Canvas

Flawless Skin 



Its what we all want right? So, what’s the secret to looking gloriously golden with a flawless complexion?


Less is more. Well, more or less. When seeking a luminous healthy glow some of us can literally wash and go. For most, that goes out the window when we hit 12. For the rest of us, we need a little help. And, with the bounty of products out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and ultimately disappointed.


So, I offer a step by step look at creating the dermis dreams are made of.


Step 1: I know, I know. No one wants to hear they need to stop smoking and drinking diet Coke. While I am at it, eat your vegetables! And, fruit. Drink lots of water, you will be thirsty when you stop drinking the diet Coke.


OK, now on to the fun stuff…


Step 2: Start with clean skin, not stripped skin. Use a gentle cream or mild wash.  If you are prone to break outs, still use a mild wash like Cetafil. Add a drop of tea tree oil to inhibit breakouts. Once a week a little Grape seed oil all over is amazing on all skin types.


Step 3: Moisturize! I love Alba Natural Hawaiian Moisture Cream. I use it before every makeup. I find it has a perfect balance of moisture and oil to perfectly prep the skin. And, at around $20 it is a great buy. Another makeup artist favorite is Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè.  Touted as the 24 hour miracle crème, its loved and used widely by those in the know.


Step 3: Conceal. I like to use a creamy peach or yellow toned concealer in the areas that most need coverage. Not just under the eyes but everywhere there is discoloration. The reason I recommend a creamy texture is when creating a flawless natural glow, there is no room for dry or cracking concealer.  Try Face Atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet (32.00). It comes with two shades to get your perfect match.

Step 4: Get the Glow.  Women who look like they are glowing from within don’t look greasy. So, to avoid over shimmering the skin, use a luminizer before your foundation.  Giorgio Armani beautys’ Fluid Sheer (59.00) comes in 6 shades of glow. Dab a little over the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and above the bow of the lip. 

Step 5: Finally, lightly apply a touch of foundation, just as needed. I am going to recommend a sheer natural finish. There is no need to over do the dew.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Giorgio Armani beauty’s Luminous Silk Foundation (59.00). It blends effortlessly and a little goes a long way.  Another great option is Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ Skin Foundation SPF 15 (46.00).


   With spring here, skin is in. And what a great way to start spring, with soft natural beautiful skin!